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When Panagis Coutalianos inspires us

A piece of art

First of all, a tragic hero must be a man who stands out from the others.

Francis Bacon

In this chapter you can get acquainted with a work of art, the theme of which is built around Panagis Coutalianos and bears my (the blogger’s) signature. The artwork is a visual object, specifically a fusion of a ceramic bottle with an ostrich egg. In my last painting exhibition, I presented several works that have roughly the same structure, as it is my preferred way of self-expression.
My friend Haris Vourliotis commented on my report saying the following:
Kostas Mihos “In The Lurch” at Chili Art Gallery, Athens. The exhibition presents a series of paintings, sculptures, various objects, and small installations, which capture the era of modern Greek history called “banditry”, an era that the artist has thoroughly investigated and has influenced his work. Curator Paris Kapralos says: “with desings that hint at hard expressionism and romantic impressionism in his paintings, and with a surreal mood in his special visual objects, Kostas Michos unfolds the climate of an era, which, although chronologically seems distant, exists and constitutes the modern time of Greece.”
For more information :

Coutalianos, 37 x 8 cm. Welding ceramic bottle with ostrich egg, 2007. (Private collection of J. Lambrou)

Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos



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Kostas Michos

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