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Greek refugees from Asia Minor

The end of a Greek island

The uprooting of the islanders

“To err is human. But to confess error implies a higher humanity and a nobler civilization. A thoughtful society ignores the calamities caused by its errors and prospers.”

Νickolaos Plastiras

The Greeks of Asia Minor are uprooted from their ancient homes. The destruction of Hellenism had already begun before 1922. The Turkish state did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate its power against the civilian population in this immoral way.

“Atlantis” March 2, 1916
“Atlantis” March 2, 1916. The above article describes the uprooting of the Greeks who lived on the islands of the Sea of Marmara, from their homes. One of the victims was Panagis Coutalianos. The Greek athlete, following the caravan of impoverished compatriots, ended up in the village of Karacabey and from there to Istanbul, where he left his last breath in Baloukli Hospital.
Ατλαντίς, 26-1-1919
“Αtlantis” March 18, 1916. Details of the extermination of the Greeks of Asia Minor in 1919.
“Atlantis” February 11, 1919. The Turks plundered the areas where Greeks lived. One of the cities mentioned is Myriophytos (Murefte) in Thrace, where Coutaliano’s mother came from. The publication states that 500 civilians were needlessly massacred in that city.

Small trek to Lavrio

The city of Lavrio and its port as it is today. Many of the refugees who left the islands of the Sea of Marmara arrived and settled in this port. The old house with tiles that can be seen on the right of the photo are buildings where those first Asia Minor refugees settled.
The sign of the Coutalis cafe in Lavrio. The owner of this cafe, mr. Theodoros Vakos, comes from a family of refugees who arrived in Lavrio from the island of Coutalis.
The Coutalianos poster could not be missing from this cafe.
Τhe church of Agios (sant) Andreas in Lavrio. The church is built in the center of neighborhood called “Sinikismos”. The neighborhood in the the past was full of old houses where Asia Minor refugees settled (images below).
Greek refugees from the islands of the Sea of Marmara. They arrived in Greece under adverse conditions and were among the lucky ones who survived, because uprooted from their islands they were taken by the Tukish army to Karacabey, where many lost their lives and others suffered torture  and other atrocities.
Bust of Coutalianos in the village of New Coutalis, on the island of Limnos. The year of birth of the athlete as indicated (1836) is incorrect. According to the inscription, the expenses for the creation of this monument were covered by the members of the Greek community of refugees from the island of Coutalis, who settled in Cleveland, USA.
Two commemorative photos of the administrator of the pchab page, in front of the athlete’s bust.
Indicative map of Coutalianos movements during the period 1905-1916
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Kostas Michos



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Kostas Michos

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