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Savides Simeon, oil on canvas, 26 x 40 cm, Private Collection/ 1890

1887. Second time in Istanbul

Touring the Royal City

“Don’ t do anything just to be remembered, but do everything to remember yourself.”

Α. Iolas

After touring Egypt and Greece, Coutalianos visited Istanbul for the second time. His arrival was triumphant and the people waiting to admire him up close were excited. Sultan Abdul Hamid did not fail to invite him to his palace (Yildiz) in order to give a performance exclusively for him. Coutalianos, however, did not stay only in Constantinople, but also visited other cities in Turkey, including Bursa.

September 5, 1887. Coutalianos is located in Bursa. His scheduled performance in Mudanya was postponed due to the injury he suffered in the shoulder from the firing of his cannon.
Yildiz Palace, Istanbul. Coutalianos was invited several times to this place to give performances in front of the Sultan.
Bursa as it was when Koutalianos visited it.
July 19, 1887. July 19, 1887. Panagis Coutalianos from Bursa, where he was, arrived in Istanbul where he will give a performance. He will also perform demonstrations of strength in the Theater of Pringipos Island.
September 24, 1887.
Panagis Coutalianos will give two performances on Pringipos Island
October 28, 1887. Yesterday Panagis gave a performance at Yildiz Palace. The Sultan offering him a medal and 125 Turkish liras. The rest of Panagi’s associates also received financial remuneration.
August 29,1887
September 7, 1887.
Coutalianos triumphs in Bursa. The Greeks of this city deify him.
June 8, 1887. Coutalianos gives performances in Istanbul.
September 25, 1887. Coutalianos arrived in Istanbul.
October 31, 1887. Coutalianos gave a spectacular performance in the palace. The Sultan offered him a medal and 125 pounds as a reward. His young son received 12 pounds from the Sultan as a fee, while the athlete’s assistant named Yiannis Mermigos also received a prize money.
May 27, 1887 . 
Coutalianos arrived in the city (Possibly in Thessaloniki) . He will perform at the French theater. (Notice published in an unknown newspaper)
Postcard from Thessaloniki. The White Tower is depicted.
Indicative map of Coutalianos movements during the period
Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos



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Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos

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