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Passing through Istanbul

Once more to the motherland

“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.”

Oprah Winfrey

The „Stambοul” newspaper briefly reports that Coutalianos is performing in Istanbul at the Melissa theatre. Following his visit to Athens, the athlete travelled to Istanbul.

July 8, 1896

Coutalianos’ trip in the Greek capital was a great disappointment for him, as his propositions and ideas for the Summer Olympics in 1896 (the first modern Olympic Games) were rejected. He returned back to the capital of the Ottoman Empire, where he gave a series public performances. Once again, no Turkish wrestler dared to face him.

Hercules Panay. On the left and right are the tiger and the bull, which the athlete managed to kill with his own hands.
Indicative map of Coutalianos movements during the period 1896
Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos



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Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos

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