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Letter from Buffalo

A worthy document

“Not being able to believe is a SIGN of disability.”

G. Tsarouchis (Greek painter)

Below we quote an excellent text published in the newspaper Buffalo Courier. It is a brief description of the life of the athlete Coutalianos up to 1889 when the article was written. In it, one can read details about the life of the World Champion, such as the friendship he developed with the great wrestler “Greek George” (also known as “the Terrible Greek”), his travels to various countries and the wrestlers he faced and defeated. In the text, however, some inaccurate details are mentioned that probably reached the columnist’s ears as rumors and not as confirmed facts, such as that Panagis’ wife was the sister of the Italian wrestler P. Raffetto of whom Panagis married after defeating her brother in a wrestling match.  Unfortunately, we don’ t know who the author of the article is or who submitted it, but we assume that whoever  was had known Coutalianos up close.

January 13, 1889

Coutalianos fights and defeats the Italian wrestler Raffetto (he is the one mentioned in the text as he used the pseudonym “forty ounce”). Sketch published in Aristophanis newspaper July 1, 1884
prof. Miller
Andre Christol
Coutalianos defeats the Armenian wrestler Simon. Sketch published in “Aristophanes” newspaper June 5, 1884
Picture of Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos



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Picture of Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos

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