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The Port of Trieste, 1907

1889-1890. In Trieste and in Romania

Responding to challenges

I learned from a young age that the future is built in silence, not in noise.

A. Iolas

During his tour in the Western Greek islands, Coutalianos received a letter from one of his friends’, which claimed that some wrestlers in Trieste talked about him in derogatory terms. Panagis did not hesitate to set off to Trieste as soon as possible. Despite being in Corfu at the time and the plea of his fans, he rescheduled his upcoming performances and left the island with the first available ship to Trieste. Upon harbouring, his arrival was announced, and his scheduled rivals – who despised him in his absence, – had already left the city. Panagis tried to search for them. reaching as far as Vienna, but in no vein. After failing to find an opponent, Coutalianos continued to tour and give performances. One of his recorded forays at that time took place in Romania, where he visited Bucharest and the city of Giurgevo, with thriving Greek communities at the time.

Responding to challenges

“The castle of Corfu. 1898” by painter Aggelos Giallinas (1857-1939).
April 25, 1889
Coutalianos is already in Bucharest and from there he will head to Giurgievo.
The coat of arms of the city of Giurgevo that Coutalianos visited
May 9, 1890
Coutalianos returned to Athens. He had previously visited Trieste to confront an Italian wrestler who had challenged him, but when Panagis arrived there, the Italian disappeared. The Greek athlete is preparing to leave for Russia, where he is considering a tour in various cities
The great theater of Trieste
the Theater Square in Trieste
Politeama Rossetti Trieste

The above images show areas of beautiful Trieste where Panagis Coutalianos may have performed performances and displays of strength.

The logo of the “Il Picollo” newspaper published in Trieste. April 21, 1890.
Coutalianos had arrived in Trieste in a hurry to meet and face some Italian and Austrian wrestlers who, through the newspapers, he learned were challenging him. When Coutalianos arrived in Trieste, his opponents learned of his arrival and immediately disappeared. So without an opponent, Coutalianos contented himself with giving demonstrations of strength in this particular city. As we read in the above article, not only was the theater packed with people, but there were also 100 people watching standing up.
Indicative map of Coutalianos movements during the period 1890
Also 1890
Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos



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Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos

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