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Fotis Kontoglou

Coutalianos through the eyes of a great artist.

“Those of us who remained faithful to tradition, those of us who did not refuse the milk we drank from our mother’s breast, we fight against falsehood.”

F. Kontoglou

Fotis Kontoglou was a great Greek painter and writer. He belonged to the generation of the 30’s and was one of the greatest researchers of the Greek tradition. The work he left behind was enormous in volume and outstanding in quality. In one of his many writings entitled “Famous and forgotten men” (Publ. AETOS, 1942), he lists a number of heroic figures of the past and chronicles their exploits. More generally, in Kontoglou we find his tendency to dig up the past that is in danger of being forgotten. The story of Coutalianos could not have escaped Kontoglou’s attention. He did not fail to write two long articles which we quote below. The first accompanied by a portrait of the athlete, was published in the newspaper “Athletic Echo” by the journalist Timos Moraitis, while for the second we don’ t know its source.

February 18, 1951
An article of unknown date and source
Sketch of Kontoglou crafted in ink by the blogger
The cover of Kontoglou’s book from “Aster” publications.
The author in this book lists short and interesting biographies of persons whose actions and lives were of great interest. Unfortunately, these important figures have been forgotten over time, but Kontoglou is trying to restore their reputation. One of the protagonists of this book is Koutalianos, whose life is  presented in the following pages.
Kontoglou’s text about Coutalianos. The author’s information is primarily based on the article of the journalist Timos Moraitis in the newspaper “Athletic Echo” as well as on what Kontoglou himself had heard about the athlete from time to time.
Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos



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Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos

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