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Ηow newspapers advertised their material

“A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.”

A. Miller

In various newspapers from time to time many essays and novels were puplished that had Coutalianos as their subject. In the section that follows, we present advertising columns of Greek newspapers, through which the readers were notified of the upcoming publication of readings related to the life and activities of the great Greek athlete. In the newspaper Athletic Echo, the journalist Timos Moraitis published a series of articles on the biography of Coutalianos, which was released in the US shortly after his death. We would characterize this text as quite reliable and in fact its content was republished in an additional Greek newspaper entitled “Marmarina Nea”. On the contrary, both in the magazine “Thesaurus” and in the newspaper “Empros”, the publications about Coutalianos had a fictional form.

Athletic Eco, February 5, 1951
November 21, 1947 (Thesaurus magazine, advertisement from newspaper “Eleftheria”)
Athletic Eco, February 24, 1951
Athletic Eco, 1951
Ebros, October 14, 1945
Athletic Eco, February 7. 1951
Athletic Echo
Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos



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Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos

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