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1900- 1901. Returning to the US with claims

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After his release from the prisons of Rhodes, Coutalianos returned to Piraeus. During the years he was away, his family was starving in poverty. All his savings and assets had been lost due to the destruction suffered by the Greek economy due to the war between Greece and Turkey (1897-980). The youngest of his children, Giannis, could not stand it and died of hunger. After the initial shock suffered by the athlete from the calamities that had befallen his family, he found the strength to regroup. At the urging of some of his friends, he decided to travel to the US. There he hoped that by participating in wrestling matches and displays of strength he would be able to save enough money to allow him to live out the last years of his life with dignity. But things did not turn out as he expected. The various wrestlers and weightlifters who made a career in the USA, learning of his arrival avoided him like Satan the cross. The Greek athlete then began to display his enormous strength in the various theaters and his displays at that time were extensively recorded by the press and left an era. In this chapter we cite many of those publications that show an undeniable way that Coutalianos was indeed the most powerful man of his time.

June 6, 1900 p.22
Koca Yusuf (The Terrible Turk). The famous Turkish wrestler had faced Coutalianos and had been defeated by him, according to the well-known and reliable sports manager Tom O΄ Rourke.
Tom O’ Rourke
November 07, 1900
April 27, 1900
The above publication states that the Greek wrestler Vrettos will fight face to face with the famous Turkish wrestler Adali. Adali was already in the US when Coutalianos got there. Why didn’t he confront him when they both found themselves on American soil?The answer is simple. He had already faced him in Constantinople, and he knew that against him he had no luck.
The imminent arrival of Coutalianos in the USA, accompanied by his sons Hellen and Georgios, is mentioned.
December 4, 1900. Coutalianos and his son Ellin put on an amazing show at the Lowell theater.

December 11, 1900. In Lowell they are already calling Coutalianos the “New Hercules”
January 8, 1901. Coutalianos is in Chicago and is surprising with his performances.

Postcards of buildings on CLARK ST. As mentioned above, the legendary Coutalianos once passed through there.
October 29, 1900
Paul Pons was in America, when Coutalianos was touring there. Why didn’t he dare to face him then? The answer is that HE was afraid of him. He had already faced him at Professor Bernard’s famous wrestling school in Bordeaux, France.
January 1, 1900

The Odd Fellows Hall where Coutalianos made a show of strength.
Odd Fellows Hall
Odd Fellows Hall (today)
Firemen fight the flames claiming Huntington Hall – November 1904. In the hall of this emblematic building Coutalianos had presented displays of power. Unfortunately, this building was later set on fire and destroyed.
A portion of the 1896 atlas. Huntington Hall appears at the bottom-right, at the corner of Merrimack and Dutton
November 19 and 20, 1900
November 28 and 30, December 1, 1900
December 3, 1900
December 11 and 12, 1900
Lyceum Hall. Some of the athlete’s displays of strength took place in this building.
Old city map of Boston.
The actor Guglielmo Ricciardi was born on July 12, 1871 in Naples. He left his country and went to N.Y. in 1889 where he created the Italian Drama and Comedy Theater Company. He gave plays and sang as well.
As we read from the articles of the time, he co-presented with Coutalianos in various performances.
November 8, 1900 Sandusky Daily Star OH/ December 14, 1900 Ukiah Dispatch Democrat CA/ November 27, 1900 The Billings gazette p.8/ January 30, 1901 Cumberland news
December 21, 1900 Silver Lake Record – Friday, Silver Lake, Indiana/ December 25,1900 Cedar Falls Gazette Iowa / December 25, 1900 Portland Commercial – Tuesday, Indiana
December 14,1900 (sos δήλωση πως έχασε τη περιουσία του)Boston, Massachusetts p.11
Octomber 25, 1900 The Topeka Daily Capital , Kansas
November 22, 1900. The Lowel Sun. This specific publication is interesting, because it specifies the dates that Coutalianos fought with the tiger and the bull. It also mentions the place where the fight with the tiger took place: Bel-union, South America “Garden Sewgi Gazali”.
December 8, 1900 monmouth evening gazette/ November 8, 1900 The Providence news.
Indicative map of Coutalianos movements during the period 1900-1902
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Picture of Kostas Michos

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