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1883. The great “comeback” to Istanbul (3)

Coutalianos in Istanbul through the Greek press- The great excitement

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The texts that follow are written in the old type of the Greek language, which was dominant at the time. Wanting to facilitate our readers, we make a short commentary and highlight the main points of each text. Coutalianos’ proud victories in Istanbul delighted the Greeks. In this chapter we have listed some newspaper articles from which we may get an idea of what exactly was happening in those days in the capital of the Ottoman Empire.

April 5, 1883
Coutalianos challenges the wrestler Doublier.  Doublier tries to avoid the confrontation.
February 8, 1883
Thousands of images are circulating in Istanbul showing Coutalianos fighting  tigers and other wild animals. They present him as the strongest man in the world. Everyone is talking about him.
April 8, 1883

The Greek newspaper “Neologos” was published in Istanbul.  In the published text, the journalist tries to maintain a moderate attitude so as not to provoke state censorship. The following article gives details about the wrestling match between  Coutalianos and Simon.

April 11, 1883

Description of the wrestling matches that Coutalianos gave in front of the Sultan.

February 12, 1883

The article presents various biographical details about the athlete’ s life. There are discussions of  the people’s reactions when Coutalianos set foot in Istanbul.

March 12, 1883

The article mentions facts related to the confrontations of Coutalianos against the wrestler Doublier and Simon.

April 12, 1883

Coutalianos is taken to the emperor’s palace accompanied by police chief Vahri Passa.

April 13, 1883

Coutalianos fights against Simon and other Turkish wrestlers in front of the Sultan. He performs a weight lifting demonstration.

February 16, 1883

In the above article biographical details about the athlete are given.

March 20, 1883

Coutalianos wins over Simon and makes the Greeks proud.

April 24, 1883

Coutalianos and Doublier show off their weight lifting skills.

April 25, 1883

Coutalianos performs a demonstration of  his skills in front of the Sultan.

March 28, 1883

 Doublier came from Bucharest  to  face  Coutalianos.

Coutalianos lifts a horse with his teeth. This demonstration took place in front of the Sultan.
Indicative map of Coutalianos movements during the period 1883
Also 1883
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Kostas Michos



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