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Τhe super Athletes

An additional reference to our athlete

"Gentlemen! And the hiker, 
as long as he walks forward, 
his gaze always turns backwards."                                       
                                     G. Souris

In the book entitled “The Super Athletes” and published in 1970, some details concerning us are presented. The author of the book, naming Coutalianos as a legendary athlete, makes a mistake in both his name and his origin. He writes that the athlete was called Peter, instead of Panagis, and that he was Italian, instead of Greek. Nevertheless, we judge that this error is not intentional, but comes from the author’s misinformation.
In the pages of the book that interest us, the author David P. Willoughby reports on the athlete’s performance in Montevideo, Coutalianos’s encounter with a tiger and a wild bull. A reader from Brazil, Andrey Altoé, was kind enough to send us the relevant pages of the book (488-490). Many thanks, Andrey!

“Karanti” is a poem by Nikos Kavadias, set to music by the composer Thanos Mikroutsikos. Kavadias is famous for his verses related to the sea, as he himself was a sailor. We dedicate this song to our reader Andrey Altoé, who contacted us and encouraged us to continue our historical journey following Coutalianos.

Picture of Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos



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Picture of Kostas Michos

Kostas Michos

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